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    "Don’t ever give up if you still want to try,
    Don’t ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry.
    Don’t ever settle for an answer if you still want to know.
    Don’t ever say you don’t love him if you can’t let him go."
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It’s not ok.


    It’s not ok.

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    Where have your minds gone,

    When did you forget to fight for your lives,

    Why did you stop dreaming about perfection,

    and how far will you fall before you notice their pleas.

    Don’t give up on a better tomorrow,

    and don’t quit on our children and theirs,

    Don’t let your minds become lazy,

    and don’t let your demons be spared,

    Don’t be afraid to carry your load, but always BELIEVE,

    there are people who care.

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    Reinvented: Don't Forget


    Don’t forget your beauty,

    Don’t ever doubt yourself again, you know exactly who you are,

    You know exactly where you’ve been,

    You have so much potential, and you are heaven sent,

    God hasn’t forgotten you, it’s you who’ve forgotten Him,

    I know it seems so scary, I know this worlds so bleak, I…

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    Dear women, All guys are not cheaters, liars, fakes, frauds, or assholes. Ur past relationships with men that were like that were a by product of your bad decision. Don’t blame every guy you come across for the last ones mistakes. And don’t think the new guy is gonna make those same mistakes. There are real men out there who value women and don’t objectify them. The world is not a rap video. But if you are one of these women who think like this, every relationship you ever get into will fail because of your thought process. Just my thoughts. -Deezy

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    3rd coast Facebook. Hear the music and become a fan! At least listen to the music tho. Lol. U won’t regret it. And reblog this for me.

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    La Di Da & Fiddly Doo: Last night...


    went to the bowling alley bar, got hit on twice. Once buy a 50-something year old guy with a GIANT gut who once went skinny dipping w/ my friend and her boyfriend and once by a guy who I was convinced was gay until I asked my cousin. Then I text argued w/ my drunk friend who decided to drive all…

    I live in the same type of place. Stupid people everywhere. I don’t do the whole barn thing either tho. Haha

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    Need some help. I only follow like 13 people on here. So if u can recommend some ppl to follow please do so. I’m into sports, hip hop (conscious rappers more than main stream), books, poetry, art, etc. So if u have any suggestions of people for me to follow they would be greatly appreciated.


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